Donation for Airdop

The idea of “Donation for Airdrop” is to make able the community of eBitcoin project to support its project via donations so donated funds will be spent/dropped to people who are will participate tasks of eBitcoin marketing.

More detail about marketing tasks will be published later. At the moment we see it something like just sharing about eBitcoin as a community-driven project through social networks.

About how donated funds will be divided between participants is not exactly sure yet because we want to give the best rewards for the best-done results and at the same time, it will be so nice to reward those who did try their best in this Airdrop, so more discussion in eBitcoin community about it is comming.


GOAL is 300,000.00 eBTC

Please send eBTC only to this address! When it will reach the GOAL you don’t have to send anymore(picture won’t change but extra donated will move for the next-time donation bar).

Address: 0x91b78307d7FC6C7293B8Bd868aa0Eb0c9c01bf16

  • The progress bar moves by 10%.
  • *”Almost There!” is 40% of progress.


If you are only a member of eBitcoin community or you are here just by surfing the Internet or if you are a new member then you are welcome to eBitcoin community, but DO NOT send any funds to that address “Only if you wish to help this project then you can send eBTC”, thank you!